Be inspired by our health and well-being beauty range RitualEssenz™ TCM


At Givaudan Active Beauty, we lead in delivering sustainable solutions going beyond the sensory experience by exploring ways to unlock the skincare benefits of plants. 

In this way, we unveil RitualEssenz™ TCM, a new inspirational health and well-being beauty range to reconnect people with nature. 

Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these botanical extracts offer new potential for beauty brands to craft inspiring products.

 Discover more about our line RitualEssenz™ TCM

The RitualEssenz™ TCM line is an inspirational range developed by Givaudan Active Beauty with the best Chinese experts to bring more natural and sustainable ingredients to the personal care market, leveraging ancient traditions to engage consumers.

To bring a new solution meeting the consumer expectation to use more and more natural-driven cosmetic products, we offer an extended range of 8 flower extracts and 15  botanical extracts :

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