BisaboLife™, RitualEssenz™ and PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller revealed at New York supplier day

Unveil dreamy hair thanks to new clinical tests performed on BisaboLife™

Our skin experts have discovered new benefits of our sustainable biotech (-)-?-bisabolol. New clinical tests revealed that BisaboLife™ reduce scalp irritation by -25%

Meet us to discover Sublim'Hair Feeling, a sublimating and soothing shampoo featuring BisaboLife™ and ResistHyal®. It softens your scalp while naturally enriching your hair. Feel sublimated with this natural shampoo

Be inspired by RitualEssenz™ that will let you reconnect with Nature 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is built on the founding principle of balancing energy flows. Over

many centuries, TCM has used plant extracts to treat specific health issues.        

Inspired by TCM, Givaudan Active Beauty is launching RitualEssenz™ TCM. This line is based on extracts crafted by modern qualifided TCM doctors. It follows the fundamental Five Elements of TCM (Wuxing) and fulfills specific skin and haircare needs.

Be captivated by our multifaceted innovations

PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller is the new cosmetic alternative to injectable dermal fillers. It penetrates twice deeper into the skin than standard hyaluronic acid and removes wrinkles in just one hour. 

Vetivyne™, which won first prize winners at BSB awards at in-cosmetics global 2018, is an exclusive, sustainable and patent-pending active ingredient. Derived from the vetiver roots, it hydrates, decreases skin fatigue, reduces perilabial wrinkles and boosts fragrance longevity. 

Finally, let's be conquered by our new visual cue, Unishape Butterflies, giving an inspiring  and living dimension to your products.

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