beauty in


an innovative cosmetic company
from molecules to market,
from ideas to implementation,
from trend to touch.


a specialist beauty, cosmetic,
health and personal care
ingredient supplier providing
exceptional products,
revolutionary ways of doing,
and sustainable long term
solutions to manufacturers
and brand owners in Africa


we nurture all our relationships, espouse a spirit of entrepreneurship, and exude energy, passion, creativity and a willing attitude

we foster a climate of inspiration, responsibility, recognition and empowerment

we believe that knowledge is fundamental and we mentor young women in business

we are people who care about nature and the environment and our efforts contribute to sufferers of rarer cancers


formulating and marketing solutions for customer with up-to-date knowledge on the latest trends and ingredients

integrated systems with web log-in, search via inci, online documentation, sample ordering, products brochures

mutually beneficial and long term relationships with our customers and suppliers

doing business amongst diversity and across countries in Africa

a highly professional performance oriented team that offers prompt reliable service and delivery

beauty in

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